Chaya is Life, Literally! #Mouthgasm


Mushroom soup (Soup of the Day)

Before Chaya, mouthgasms over sushi puzzled me. At the extremely mature age of twelve there were many things I vowed to NEVER EVER eat, on that scroll you could find sushi somewhere near the top.

A few years back, a friend kidnapped me and decided that I would eat sushi that night. We went to a little spot in Los Angeles. Tempura roll, please! I carried on determined not to eat anything raw. Somehow a spicy tuna roll crept into my mouth and made it down my throat, not too bad. Boom! I ate sushi.

After that night I ate sushi over a handful of times at multiple eateries, but it never induced a mouthgasm until Chaya. Nom nom (freakin) NOM! Sooo yummy and melted in my mouth. Talking about it is making me hungry.

Aside from good eats, including the delicious mushroom soup, Chaya provided superb service. Nothing compliments a great meal more than awesome service. The relaxed and upscale ambiance added a nice touch.

One more thing… a fun fact.  Chaya means life in Hebrew. Go, figure! That night Chaya gave birth to a sushi lover. I am corny, sue me.

IMG_8266 Sushi platter


Chaya (Downtown LA)

525 S. Flower Street

Los Angeles, CA 90071


 A special thanks to my friend, Reese, for kidnapping and introducing me to Sushi. xoxo

Grab Your Passport! We’re Going To Europe.

Europe here we come! This summer me, my sister and cousin will travel through Europe visiting Germany, Netherlands, France and Italy. (insert happiest emoji)

Below are maps with circles highlighting places we will visit within each country. Flights are booked, passports are ready, but there is so much more to be done. My biggest challenge will definitely be packing. One suitcase for three weeks … how will I survive? I have already dreamt about packing, forgetting everything and almost missing the flight trying to pack last minute. The trip is in July, but I should start practice packing tomorrow.

Ahhh! I’m so excited. mgermany mfranceitaly_states_map

Natalee Thai, Oh My!

What determines your experience at a restaurant? Typically, I evaluate service, the atmosphere and weigh quality vs. cost.

All things considered, my first experience at Natalee Thai earned a ‘C’ at best.

We received a buzzer after the hostess added our party to the wait list. As we chatted near the bar, about 2-feet away from the hostess, we noticed that people who arrived after us were being seated.

Glancing at the list we realized that she skipped us and seated 3 parties listed under us, strike one! She must have read our minds because she seated us next.

Our servers were pretty friendly but one of them disregarded the deodorant memo. Each time she passed we caught a whiff of bad B.O., stee-rike two!

At this point, we were at an ‘F’ because the atmosphere did not enhance the experience.

On to the food… the fact that it was good and not overpriced saved this Natalee and her Thai. I wonder if the Beverly Hills location is any better.

Check out photos and descriptions of the meal below.

IMG_8705Pad Thai $10.75 (Shrimp, chicken, eggs, green onions, bean curd, sweet radish and bean sprouts are quickly wok fried in Pad Thai Sauce. Served with chopped peanuts, fresh bean sprouts and chili powder on the side)

IMG_8706Fried Banana $4.95 (A fresh whole banana is sliced, dipped in a sweet batter, then deep-fried golden and dusted with powdered sugar. Served with caramel and chocolate sauce)

Natalee Thai (Venice)
10101 Venice Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA 90230
(310) 202-7003