My First Great Twist Out

Fingers crossed, I attempted a twist out for a James Bond themed party. My goal was to resemble Naomie Harris in Skyfall. Did I achieve it? You be the judge!


Get The Look

-Start with stretched hair (I started from an old Curlformers set)

-Finger detangle hair by section (I created 6 sections) using a small amount of water (apply water using a spray bottle) followed by Cantu Shea Butter (avoid adding moisture at the root to minimize shrinkage)

-After detangling a section, add a little more Cantu Shea Butter making sure that all strands are coated (give your ends a little extra love)

-Two-strand twist the section and continue the process until each section is twisted

-Allow twists to COMPLETELY dry

-Once twists are dry, add a small amount of light oil (I used coconut oil) to your finger tips to avoid frizz while separating twists

-Separate the twists from the root, then separate the subsequent sections (one twist becomes 4 sections)

-Use a pic at the roots of your hair to create volume

*If you are not satisfied, continue to separated sections and pic until you achieve desired volume & look

High Puff Tutorial via Coloured Beautiful

I gave you my current hair regimen in my last post. Realizing that some viewers may have no idea how to achieve the high puff, I thought it would be smart to give you guys a tutorial. Below is Coloured Beautiful’s video, I learned from it. My process is slightly different, so I will do my own tutorial soon. Enjoy!

1 Year Naturalversary!!!


IMG_1215.PNGWoohoo! Today marked one year since my big chop. It’s been an awesome journey.

To mark this point in the journey, I decided to do a length check. Sooo… I attempted to blow dry my hair yesterday, but it wasn’t having it, lol. I threw out my flat irons months ago, so that was a no-go.

I really wanted to straighten this stuff so that I could start this blog that i’ve procrastinated on for far too long. Frustrated and anxious I marched myself to my mom’s house to use her flat iron. The weather was great for a beach day but not so much for straightening hair. As I straightened, it poofed. It didn’t turn out to great. Next time i’ll go to the salon.

The photo is a comparison pic of last year to this year.