There’s An APP For That?


After several failed attempts, I think this will be the year that I read through the entire Bible. I have started a reading plan using the Bible app on my iPhone.  The app offers several Bible versions and reading plans. Guess what? You also have the option to listen to it being read. If highlighting floats your boat, you can do it with any color that toots your horn. The app is sold by

Life of Pi

Happy New Year! I rang it in at the movie theatre watching Life of Pi.

Did I like it? Yes! The film is literally gorgeous. I am not crazy about 3D, but this was pretty awesome. Aside from it being easy on the eyes, it had an incredible story to match. Fantasy or not, Pi’s journey is captivating and inspirational.

The fact that I could (unexpectedly) relate to many themes covered in the film reeled me. Struggle, faith, love, friendship, family, spirituality, travel and independence are all relevant themes in my life.

Starting this year watching Life of Pi was my first good decision of 2013. Stayed tuned as I share my journey.

Check out the Life of Pi theatrical trailer below.

Need Hair Inspiration?

Do you need hair inspiration? Sometimes I do. Check out my Pinterest page. Below is a preview of what you will find. I add new pins at least three times a week. The styles, hair types and lengths vary. Pins are organized by style category. There’s something for everyone.

Feel free to ask me any questions.

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