#Nike Training Club Tour – Los Angeles

1902998_10100838167482746_1334851562_nSelfie w/ Gabby Douglas

Nike Training Club (NTC) Tour Los Angeles proved to be worth every bit of the $75 registration fee that I did not pay. All registered participants received a rose gold Nike Fuel Band ($169 retail value), so we were already winning. The winning streak continued… three guided workout sessions, fitness talks with professionals, manicures (nail shaping, polish and nail art), a braid bar, lunch, healthy snacks, and swag bags filled with goodies were also included. Yes, all for $75! Nike knows how to treat a girl.

IMG_8269Me and my girls (two were cut off) :/


Goodies I received

IMG_8168 2Cold pressed juice? Apple, pineapple and lemon, please! IMG_8159Getting my mani w/ rose gold polka dots (I live for polka dots & stripes)

IMG_8172Tangerine garbanzo chopped salad, lemon cranberry quinoa,

spinach strawberry salad, kale and avocado salad

Delicious At First Bite: Mercado Santa Monica

IMG_6105Alambres de Camarõn $19

Birthdays are a perfect excuse to stuff our faces. What am I saying? It’s always a good time for delicious food.

On Thursday I went to a Birthday dinner at Mercado Santa Monica and my taste buds partied like it was 1999. Our party of about 10 ordered dishes in groups. My group of three went with the items pictured, we added an extra portion to the dishes that served two.

Yummy food makes me really happy. Oh! I tried flan for the first time too… it was pretty good.

*Fun Fact: The parking situation is not the best, but that’s typical Santa Monica. I lucked up on a metered spot after circling a  couple times. There are parking structures a block or two over.

Thanks for reading! xoxo

IMG_6103Guacamole $10 & Mexican Kale Salad $10
IMG_6106Tostaditas de Tinga de Pollo (appetizer-2 servings) $10

IMG_6104Sashimi Ahi Tuna Tostada (appetizer-2 servings) $16

The Square is a Must See!

You know those experiences that you wish you could share with the entire world… the moments that you realize your thoughts and perceptions shift a little closer to awesome?

For the past few years the intervals between those moments have decreased. I’m such a grown up that it kind of scares me. Great big yawns are what I used to give when asked if I wanted to watch a documentary. When did I become the adult entertained, captivated and inspired by documentaries?

Maybe one day the documentary cupid shot me with its arrow. Anyway, The Square is a little piece of awesome that I urge you to experience. We often complain and wish for our situations to change, but fail to follow those wants with action.

The Square tells the story of young people creating change by banding together to claim their rights.  The movement is currently happening and the reality of their story is insane. Go check it out by Nov. 8 and see what can happen when people unite for a cause.

I had the opportunity to see it on Friday and participate in a Q & A with a few of the film makers and I am moved.

Watch the trailer below. For screening info click here or visit http://www.thesquarefilm.com