1 Year Naturalversary!!!


IMG_1215.PNGWoohoo! Today marked one year since my big chop. It’s been an awesome journey.

To mark this point in the journey, I decided to do a length check. Sooo… I attempted to blow dry my hair yesterday, but it wasn’t having it, lol. I threw out my flat irons months ago, so that was a no-go.

I really wanted to straighten this stuff so that I could start this blog that i’ve procrastinated on for far too long. Frustrated and anxious I marched myself to my mom’s house to use her flat iron. The weather was great for a beach day but not so much for straightening hair. As I straightened, it poofed. It didn’t turn out to great. Next time i’ll go to the salon.

The photo is a comparison pic of last year to this year.