5 Days in New York [w/ Itinerary] #NYCSummerFling


I’ve crushed on lusted after New York City (NYC) for what seem like forever. The Wayans Brothers, Friends, Will & Grace, The Parent ‘Hood, Sex and the City, Ugly Betty, Gossip Girl all played a role in shaping my view of The Big Apple and the subsequent lust that ensued. NYC and I finally met and hooked up for a summer fling.

I fell in love hard, like Lenny Williams in ‘Cause I Love You’ (oh oh oh). At the end of our 5-day whirlwind I craved more…  more beautiful rooftop views, more yummy foods, more New York minutes, more eclectic style, more crossing streets like cars don’t break bones (street lights are only for decoration). I am willing to set aside my germaphobe tendencies and get with public transportation, driving in the city would stress me out anyway.

The love for NYC is real. As an Angeleno I am not prepared for the four season life, but I would tough seasons.

We managed to squeeze in everything on our to-do list and even threw in a couple extras (see itinerary below). Biking through Central Park is amazing and turned out to be my favorite activity. I thought I wanted to bike across the Brooklyn Bridge, but I would have pulled my hair out navigating through the herd.

I am elated to report that I did not see a single rat, God wanted me to have a great trip.

Favorite Pizza (so far): Adrienne’s Pizza Bar

Must-Eat Foods: Crab roll (Luke’s Lobster), Mac and Greens (Red Rooster), Cotton-Soft Cheesecake (Dominique Ansel Bakery), Cereal Milk Soft Serve (Momofuku Milk Bar), Cheese Fries (Shake Shack), Bea Arthur (Big Gay Ice Cream)

Mind-Blowing Views: Roof Garden Café (The Met Rooftop), Top of the Rock NYC (Rockefeller Center), Central Park, Brooklyn Bridge

Life-Changing Activites/Sites: 9/11 Memorial, Bike Ride in Central Park, Times Square, Broadway Shows


New York 2015


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