Soaking Up The Sun in Venice, Italy


A regular Wednesday (I wish)

Five countries (seven cities/towns) within three weeks is ambitious, tiring, and amazing. We basically chilled our way through Venice, primarily because we were exhausted.

We altered the original itinerary that included four countries (eleven cities/towns). Berlin, Hamburg, La Rochelle, and Monaco did not make the cut, but we squeezed in Vatican City.

As we floated (smoother than a Michael Jackson moonwalk) across the Grand Canal the Italian men yelled,”Ciao bella! Ciao bella!” Never have I ever experienced so many strangers so anxious to repetitively greet me. I’m a celebrity in Italy. Thank God American men don’t love me that much.

Beyonce’s life must be hard. God knew I’d get annoyed with celebrity, that’s why I can’t sing. I will still pretend that I can sing and perform private concerts in the car.

Speaking of cars, I’d never imagined life without one. Los Angeles is Godzilla compared to European cities. We walked almost every city and I loved it. Look Ma, I can live without a car.

Venice is tricky. Up the stairs, walk across the bridge, down the stairs, turn right, then across another bridge (and repeat). The buildings, shops, and canals are similar, it’s easy to get lost. Lost in beauty for $500, Alex.

Vacation sums up our stay in Venice. Take me back, please!



Click to enlarge photos. View more on my Tumblr page.


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