Milan + Florence: Ciao Bella, Italy!


Flying Above Milan

Life happened in Milan. We planned for a one-day pitstop in Italy’s shopping capital. Exiting the plane on the tarmac instead of the terminal is not cool when you’re being drenched by Bigfoot’s tear drops. Ciao bella, Milano!

We booked a one-night stay at a chain hotel. The cabbie cut me off as I read the name – he insisted that he knew the hotel. Unfortunately, the “Malpensa” part is key to distinguishing between the Hotel ibis Milano Malpensa and Hotel ibis Milano Centro. Unfortunately, we got half way to the wrong hotel. The 12 euro cab ride became 80 euro, but we settled on 40 euro. He played us – we charged it to the game.


Streets of Milan

After settling in at the hotel we found our way to the train that would transport us to the heart of Milan. We are still unclear if we made it to the correct shopping sanctuary. Europeans tend to close up shop during the summer and flee from the tourists. Milan felt like a ghost town. Our short-lived shopping adventure ended at Sephora. My sister purchased a flat iron to lay her hair that clearly did not survive the hail of cats a dogs. FYI, I advised against straight hair for our 21 days in Europe.


Santa Maria delle Grazie

After Milan we moved to Florence. Cue It Never Rains by Tony! Toni! Toné. Once again, Europe acknowledged our arrival with celebratory showers.Yes, we learned to dance in the rain.

We rented an apartment for our stay. Our luggage made like sponges and soaked up the water, which trickled through to the clothes. Thank you, baby Jesus, for the washer in our apartment.

Moving on… Florence is delicious and the views are serene and superb. I could live in Florence. Natives were welcoming and warm. Oh and the food, more please!

The rain cleared and we discovered the city by foot. At this point we were pros at navigating by map. Throughout our trip, I felt like a kid in a candy store. How amazing is European architecture? So freakin breathtaking and intricate.

My sweet spot for Florence (Italy) intensified because I could interpret the language. I flexed my Spanish knowledge to communicate, it’s similar to Italian.

Here is one of my fave memories from Florence. Shout out to my sister for capturing the moment.


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