Foodie: Sage Fried Chicken & Bacon Waffle Tower


Sage Fried Chicken & Bacon Waffle Tower

Mouth-watering and hungrier than Will Smith in The Pursuit Of Happyness, I sat with fork and knife ready to demolish whatever arrived on a plate. My tastebuds were ready to meet this mouth-watering phenomenon called Sage Fried Chicken & Bacon Waffle Tower at Hash House A Go Go.

I convinced eight people that we had to eat at Hash House A Go Go. I sold the chicken and waffle tower, like Olivia Pope sells Fitz to the American people on Scandal. Four of five people seated at my table ordered the tower.

Whoa! Nice presentation and huge portions for the price. After waiting for an hour, we did not hesitate to dive in. Pause. How do you serve waffles without butter, Hash House A Go Go? Red flag! Butter is to waffles as sand is to the beach.

Verdict? This looks and sounds much better than it tastes. Bacon waffles sound unbelievable, right? My tastebuds were not impressed. The waffles were no tastier than those found in the frozen aisle at Ralph’s. The chicken? Crispy, golden, but pretty bland. I would take Roscoe’s over this any day of the week. I made an ass of myself by judging the book by its cover.

Hash House A Go Go

The Linq Hotel & Casino

3535 S. Las Vegas Blvd.

Las Vegas, NV 89109


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