Embrace The “Milky Bun” Mouth Wide Open

IMG_0144My stomach and I have a food problem. We drove 50 miles (100 round trip) to indulge in a warm donut stuffed with milk & cereal flavored ice cream. Sounds and looks amazing, right?

IMG_0145Two to three years ago, Ryan Seacrest mentioned Afters Ice Cream (home of the Milky Bun) during his morning show. As soon as I arrived at work I googled “milky bun” and found it in Fountain Valley, a city in Orange County, CA. It took a while, but I proudly made stomach space and embraced the Milky Bun mouth wide open.

IMG_0121Unfortunately, my eyes are bigger than my belly. Churro and cookie butter flavored ice cream made it in my mouth before deciding on milk & cereal. Those are only a few of the crazy flavors offered. Half of the Milky Bun fit in my food storage space before it became full. Apple has not figured out how to transport food to the cloud. Next time, I need a Milky Bun partner to do halfsies.


Afters Ice Cream

18030 Brookhurst St.

Fountain Valley, CA 92708

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