Delicious At First Bite: Mercado Santa Monica

IMG_6105Alambres de Camarõn $19

Birthdays are a perfect excuse to stuff our faces. What am I saying? It’s always a good time for delicious food.

On Thursday I went to a Birthday dinner at Mercado Santa Monica and my taste buds partied like it was 1999. Our party of about 10 ordered dishes in groups. My group of three went with the items pictured, we added an extra portion to the dishes that served two.

Yummy food makes me really happy. Oh! I tried flan for the first time too… it was pretty good.

*Fun Fact: The parking situation is not the best, but that’s typical Santa Monica. I lucked up on a metered spot after circling a  couple times. There are parking structures a block or two over.

Thanks for reading! xoxo

IMG_6103Guacamole $10 & Mexican Kale Salad $10
IMG_6106Tostaditas de Tinga de Pollo (appetizer-2 servings) $10

IMG_6104Sashimi Ahi Tuna Tostada (appetizer-2 servings) $16

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