I Reached Two Milestones This Week. It’s a Celebration!!!

happybirthday2Tuesday marked 1 year since the birth of kinkycurlsLA.com, yay (see the first post here)!!! And… Wednesday marked my 2 year naturalversary (see 1 year naturalversary post here)! It’s a celebration, I want a cupcake.

This journey has been awesome and I’ve learned so much. Kinkycurlsla will continue to evolve and improve as I grow and figure out how to better serve you guys. I appreciate you all. Thank you for your support! Please feel comfortable enough to share your opinions, content requests, and ask questions.

As for the hair… If you follow me on Instagram, you saw that I cut my hair on August 31. I will reveal the reasons for the cut in a Youtube video on Monday.

Have a great weekend! Take a shot for me. xoxo

5 comments on “I Reached Two Milestones This Week. It’s a Celebration!!!

      • Yes and no. I’m a lazy natural so although I love my natural hair, I can get to busy or too lazy to care for it like I want to. I take all the shortcuts lol just like how I’m rocking these marley twists for now. I’ve already begun to miss my fro but I know that for the rest of this year I simply won’t have the time to put into it like I normally do!

      • It does! But I think it would have been so much easier if I grew up learning about my hair instead of having like a start from the A, B, Cs of learning last year…hmmm…sounds like a possible blog post. lol

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